“Baritone Jeffrey Williams sang the demanding title role as a believable and appealing everyman. His Roscoe was poised and articulate, both a quick thinking political operative and an emotionally torn man staring down his late years.”
– Albany Times Union


“As Roscoe, Jeffrey Williams’ well-regulated baritone had dark timbres. His stamina was exceptional as he sang frequently at top volume for almost the entire opera.”
– The Daily Gazette


“versatile, fearless performer” (Thomas Sleeper’s, Einstein’s Inconsistency, Albany Records)
– Opera News


Critic’s Choice, September 2016, Opera News
5 Best New Works of 2016, January 2017, Opera News
(Michael Dellaira’s, The Death of Webern, Albany Records)


“Baritone Jeffrey Williams as Onegin cut a tall, elegant figure and sang with wonderfully rich tones and smooth, finished lines.  His ability to drop his voice to a kind of croon was very seductive.”
– The Daily Gazette


“Baritone Jeffrey Williams tackled the text with complete control through stories harrowing and uplifting, delivering an impassioned retelling of Merrick’s life alongside GCO’s underscore.” (Jeffrey Wood’s, Different Bodies) – Nashville Scene, Best of Nashville – 2016 Best Classical Premiere, Writer’s Choice


“After Joan saves the town of Orleans she falls in love with Lionel, and is torn between her devotion to her imbued mission and love with a flesh and blood man. Jeffrey Williams with clarion vocal richness makes this improbable character believable.”
– Huffington Post


“Jeffrey Williams in the roles of former Cypriot governor Montano and the messenger-bearing Herald…top-notch support…the future holds great promise…singing and acting is equally good.”
– ArtsNash


“the cast is vocally effective — a few of them, I suspect, would have been welcomed at the old Savoy Theatre — and there’s no shortage of spirited acting.  Jeff Williams sings vibrantly as Don Alhambra, the Grand Inquisitor.  Musically and visually, this is one of the strongest productions I can remember from Young Vic over the past dozen or more years.”
– Baltimore Sun


“very likable…he sings with a ripe tone and phrases everything stylishly.”
– Baltimore Sun


“Jeffrey Williams cavorted amusingly…the baritone sang sturdily and warmly.”
– Baltimore Sun


“Jeffrey Williams’ superb baritone and verbal command strongly registered as the translator who identifies Bell.” (Michael Dellaira’s The Death of Webern)
– Miami Herald


“Heinrich Marschner’s Der Vampyr…provided a splendid showcase for Jeffrey Williams’ deep, manly baritone and theatrical charisma as the murderous protagonist.”
– Miami Herald


“Jeffrey Williams is a tall, bird haired presence and a born comedian.  Williams’ warm, effortless baritone projected the birdcatcher’s arias with nuance and subtlety.”
– Miami Herald


“Jeffrey Williams’ smooth baritone was potent in both solo and ensemble.”
– Miami Herald


“Jeffrey Williams brings a sizable baritone and the comic style of a Mack Sennett silent movie cop…”
– Miami Herald


“Williams and Walston give winning performances and are well-matched in how they vocally blend.”
– Howard County Times


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